Tuesday, August 20, 2013

MCSD - Crime and Punishment

An article in the Northwest Herald this morning about workers and sick pay caused me to think of this situation.

Maybe the McHenry County Sheriff's Department will read that article and review how it handles disciplinary matters with deputies who fall out of favor. When a deputy commits a crime, is not arrested, is not disciplined internally, and is allowed to take months of sick leave (is he really sick, or just "sick of work"?), and then allowed to resign instead of getting fired, does this really serve the taxpayers of McHenry County, for whom some still think the Department is supposed to protect and to serve?

Doesn't the Sheriff (we are still paying over $12,000/month for a sheriff elected in November 2010) owe responsibility to the public and to the other employees to treat all employees fairly?

And "fairly" means that, when a deputy commits a crime, that deputy should be investigated, charged, and prosecuted, whether or not he is part of "the A-team". 

The morale at the Sheriff's Department continues to sink under the current administration.

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Tank said...

What. .....? Morale is low? I thought everything was peaches and cream, hunky dory, just one big happy family. You mean people are upset with the underhanded abuses that Zinke has pulled. Transfering good people out of positions only be replaced with political favorites, protection the trucking political donations by halting overweight enforcement, killing the traffic unit. Can't piss of certain people you know.

Nope it must be wrong. Please Gus, double check your sources.