Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beth Bentley - missing 167 weeks

Beth Bentley vanished on May 23, 2010 - that's 167 weeks back.

What happened to Beth on that Sunday? In the report to the Woodstock Police Department the next night, it states that she was dropped off on Sunday about 6:00PM near the Centralia (Ill.) Amtrak station.

The whole story is fishy. Her best buddy (friend, employee, beneficiary of financial gifts, traveling companion, alibi at other times) said she didn't know Beth's plans, when she (the friend) dropped Beth off near the train station. Didn't know? Didn't know whether Beth was meeting someone? Thought Beth never intended to take a train from that station?

Beth supposedly just got out of the car (a rental car, at that. In fact, a car rented by Beth, since Jenn Wyatt did not have a valid driver's license). Oh, really?

And what about the young men whom Beth and Jenn went to visit in Mount Vernon? Did Beth and Jenn really leave Woodstock on Thursday night (May 20)? What time did they arrive at the house just outside Mount Vernon? 3:00AM? 4:00AM? 5:00AM? Were they exhausted from the overnight drive? Who drove? Did Jenn drive any part of the 300-mile trip, even though she didn't have a valid driver's license?

Or were they "wired" from the drive and glad to arrive in Mount Vernon. Time to par-teeeeee?

In three years, three people have had plenty of time to get their stories lined up. But, in those same three years parts of the stories, if not true, will start to unravel.

Are the police still investigating? What police? Woodstock PD? Jefferson County (Ill.) Sheriff's Office? (The Ridge house was in the county, outside the city limits of Mount Vernon.) The Mount Vernon PD? Centralia PD? Illinois State Police?

Ever see any posters around town? Have you seen any age-progression drawings that show how Beth might look now, three years later?

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