Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Handheld cell phones, PDAs - illegal when?

Have you been wondering when the law will change in Illinois about using handheld cell phones?

The legislature and the governor decided, in their infinite wisdom, that it really won't be that unsafe until January 1, 2014.

Why it's safe now, but not after January 1, is beyond me. Does anyone else wonder?

You can read the law, Public Act 098-0506

Still have a CB radio? Guess what? You can use that, good buddy.

And you'll want to read Exclusion 9: "a driver using an electronic communication device by pressing a single button to initiate or terminate a voice communication." Think that means the "Start" and "End Call" buttons? Tell it to the judge...

And right now, watch out for those special Zones. Using a handheld cell phone in Work Zones, School Zones, and maybe the Park speed limit zones will cost you big bucks.


Tank said...

MY I-Phone has one button directions or call functions. I can push the Siri button and SIRI asks me what I want. I can say "Call Nygren" and the I-phone automatically does the dialing and in Minocqua the phone starts ringing.

I can ask driving directions. I can say "Directions to Nygren's house." Siri will then ask me, Minocqua or Florida? I say which one and presto I get turn by turn directions.

This works for movie directions restaurant suggestions and most importantly speed dialing the press release line to learn what marvelous things Zinke has singlehandedly done.

All kidding aside, of course this is making believe. We all know Keith is in his office 24-7 with Zinke at his side. How else can they plot the newest way to discredit Harrison and Prim?

Hehe Hehe.

The Usual Suspect said...

"Still have a CB radio? Guess what? You can use that, good buddy."

NOPE. Not CB radios. These are not much more than toys and are not FCC licensed. Anyone can have one hence the term CITIZENS Band.

From the statute:

(d) This Section does not apply to:

(8) a driver using two-way mobile radio transmitters or
receivers for licensees of the Federal Communications
Commission in the AMATEUR RADIO service;

Amateur radio requires a test of proficiency and electronic knowledge. Amateur Radio (HAMS)operators have FCC issued licenses. As I read it, the police can go after the truckers that use the CB radios to warn each other of police.