Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Search fails to find body

Today a friend of mine once again found two squad cars from the McHenry County Sheriff's Department in her front yard (driveway). It seems that the sheriff's department periodically receives 9-1-1 calls from a phone line on her rural property, even though her family and she have no landline in their house.

One time was about 1:00AM, and there have been at least two day-time responses. She has explained to the deputies that there used to be a phone line on the property, but the line was cut when the property owner had trenching done.

When two deputies showed up late this afternoon, she explained (once again) that the phone line had been to the office in the barn, not to her residence and, so far as she knew, it still was not working. The first time the deputies told her it had been a 9-1-1 hang-up; the next time there was only static on the line; this time there was a busy signal - sounds to me like a circuit condition.

All that wouldn't be a problem, except today one of the deputies was very rude, intrusive, obnoxious and - shall I add? - unprofessional. He insisted on entering her residence in an impolite manner, saying he had to be sure there weren't any bodies inside. She was nearly in tears over his manners, and she is not a weak person. She understands that there could be a need to verify that no one was in need of help; had the deputy explained that need to verify and made his request in a polite, respectful tone, there would not have been any problem whatsoever.

I had previously passed along advice from a friend in law enforcement that she should obtain business cards from every deputy who came to her property AND get the report number for their call. Today I urged her to call the shift supervisor and make a complaint.

Later I learned that the rude deputy has been the subject of numerous complaints for his abrasive manner with County residents.

If a deputy is known (from previous complaints) to be rude and abrasive, why doesn't this get handled immediately by the sheriff's department?

And the other deputy today? She said he was polite and professional.

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Sir said...

Vogel, probably Vogel. He is always the most repectful of deputies.