Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Ceremonies, Parade

The Memorial Day ceremonies in Woodstock will be held in the Park on the Square, beginning at 10:00AM. Plan to turn out and honor those who gave their lives for our great country.

The Memorial Day parade will follow the ceremonies and will begin about 11:00AM.

The VFW Post 5040 will host a lunch beginning at noon at 240 N. Throop St.
$8.00 adults (13 and older)
$7.00 veterans
$6.00 children 12 years of age and younger


Kyle S. said...

I would like to know who planned this years parade. The square was open to parking and traffic the whole time. THE PARADE SUCKED because of it. It was dangerous. It was unenjoyable. It was the mosy pathetic display of preparation I have ever seen. The square was obliously NOT shut down the night before. Cars were parked on both sides. Traffic continued to drive through while we were waiting for the parade to start. There were kids and parade vehicles in the street with cars driving at full speed. Last year was pefect. We sat in front of the Courthouse Inn and watched as the parade turned the corner. This year the Sheriffs motorcycles couldn't do circles because it was so tight with parked cars.


I asked a WPD Lt.(3 gold Chevrons) WTF. He said all orders come from "that building" (pointing at City Hall).

Gus said...

Kyle, great question. When I drove toward the Square this morning, I thought I might park on Dean Street or turn east on Calhoun. But Calhoun was shut off, even though there were plenty of parking spaces in the lot by City Hall. I was forced to drive straight ahead and into the Square, where I was surprised to find ample parking.

You are absolutely right that the Square should have been shut off for parking.

Maybe someone from City Hall will explain the rationale behind this year's decision to leave the Square open for traffic.

Woodstock PD has Lieutenants?

Kyle S. said...

What ever the three gold chevrons represents. That is what he had on his sleeve. What rank is that in the WPD ?

Gus said...

A chevron on a police uniform probably indicates rank, such as Sergeant. Slashes often indicate years of service, often in 5-year increments, but sometimes chevrons might be used for length of service.

The rank of Lieutenant is usually represented on one bar on the collar; silver, I think; or, as police would describe it, "white metal in color".