Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busting those scams

Every day crafty, sly scammers are trying to steal your identity and get your money into their pockets.

A website worth knowing about is

Most internet users have seen authentic-appearing emails from banks and credit card companies, warning you of scams and then asking you to verify your identify, which they then steal.

Go to and sign up for the free e-newsletter. If you don't trust this link (oh, you sly one, you), do your own search on Google for "Scambusters". After you sign up, expect an email asking you to opt-in. Then you'll get see one advertising offer for their book, and you're in.

Trust me... (heh-heh).

"Now I'm going to tell you the truth." Don't you just love it when people say that? Your question to them has to be, "So what have you been telling me so far?"

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