Thursday, May 7, 2009

MCC = Musical Chairs College

Until this morning, I was under the impression that the former president of MCC, Walter Packard, would get health insurance benefits until June 2010, the date to which he is to be paid after resigning on short notice from MCC in February.

Buried on Page 3C of today's Northwest Herald, in an article about MCC's search for an interim president (I thought they had an interim president) is, "Packard also will continue to receive medical benefits for himself and his wife through Aug. 21, 2012."

What? WHAT? Aug. 21, 2012???

That's 3 1/2 years after he resigned. Tell me it was a typo!

I thought I had read that the Board of Trustees had appointed Brian Sager as interim president while it searched for a new president and that he was expected to retire this summer. Now it seems that it is searching for an interim president (telephone interviews in closed session today at 6:00PM). And then, after it spends time and money to find a fill-in president, it will spend more time and money to find a "more permanent replacement."

That ought to worry any candidate for the job; i.e., the job of the "more permanent" president. Wouldn't he want to be the permanent replacement? Actually, he won't want to be a "replacement" at all.

Mr. Packard is out, except for his top spot on the payroll. MCC is operating without a President; it apparently has an Acting President. So, candidates will be vying for the position of President!

I recall a telephone conversation more than 20 years ago for a position as Executive Director of a large chamber of commerce in eastern Oregon.

The member of the search committee let it slip that they were considering nine candidates. They planned to conduct telephone interviews and then invite the top two in for in-person grilling. Then he asked, "How would you feel about paying your own way to the interview?"

"Absolutely not. If I'm good enough to be one of two, then I would expect you to pay for my trip." And then I suggested that they send a list of questions to each candidate and ask for a videotape of answers to their questions. I've always been happy that I never received the questions!

I cannot imagine having 21 bosses; you know, a Board of Directors to keep happy. You never want to have one director more than half of the Board unhappy with you. That's called being unemployed!

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