Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just try to file a complaint at MCSD

What happens when you try to file a complaint against a deputy at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

Earlier I wrote a story about a woman who encountered a rude and disrespectful deputy this afternoon. She called the sheriff's department to make a complaint.

Late this evening she called to tell me that Sgt. Campos had called her back. He basically told her that deputies make mistakes. He had talked to the rude deputy before even calling her back. So much for getting the story first from the person wanting to make the complaint!

When she told him that the deputy had an "attitude" with her, his answer was that she "might just want to keep that to yourself."

Does that sound a little intimidating to you? It does to me!

Tomorrow she will call Undersheriff Gene Lowery with two complaints. One about the rude officer and the second about the supervisor who refused to accept her complaint.

She will only be interested in learning how to file a complaint. She is not interested in more "party line" or explanations that deputies might become "protective" about their comrades in arms.

Remember the line in the Eddie Murphy movie, Beverly Hills Cops, when the guy in charge asked Murphy if he wanted to make a complaint about his cop who had just been unprofessional? Hey, if only life were really that way around here!

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Sir said...

Campos-Cruz is his name. If a complaint is filed against Campos it may get lost in the wind. Campos-Cruz. First name, Porfino. He's been a Sgt. for little less than a year. Don't let him J-BONE you. If it happens you'll know, J-BONE!!