Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sat. Night at the Opera (House)

Last evening's performance of "Thresholds of a Family" thrilled an audience that almost filled the entire lower seating area of the Woodstock Opera House, plus additional audience in the balcony.

The members of the cast were truly actors in every sense of the word. The men and women of the cast arrived in a limousine bus from Windy City Limos. The evening began with a singer/guitarist and was followed by a variety of readings and skits that flowed quickly from one to the next.

The audience was entertained throughout the evening, and many stayed after the performance to meet cast members and enjoy the refreshments.

This event at the Opera House kicked off Mental Health Month - May.

You are invited to observe Mental Health Month by becoming more aware of those around you who may be affected by mental illness. A fact printed in last night's program indicates that "Nearly 1 in 4 Americans will suffer from a form of mental illness during their lifetime."

Learn of accommodations that will aid those who have mental illness and of ways in which you can provide understanding and assistance.

What is Thresholds? From last night's program: "Thresholds is the nation's largest non-profit provider of mental health services. Each year, Thresholds serves more than 5000 people with schizophrenia, major depression, bi-polar, anxiety and personality disorders through its comprehensive program of therapeutic support, case management, education, vocational training, placement and housing."

Several cast members are active on Chicago's Crisis Intervention Training (C.I.T.) Team, where they train police officers to help consumers in crisis. "Consumers" is the mental health field's word used to identify clients or patients of mental health services.

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