Thursday, May 21, 2009

Curb your dog?

Take a look at this warning sign, displayed by a McHenry resident on his nice lawn. Think he might have a little problem with his neighbors? Sort of a stinky problem, maybe?
Years ago I remember the popularity of the phrase, "Curb your dog." Anyone remember that one?
Would a sign like this last in Woodstock?
Would it incur the attention of Community Development as an illegal sign? Could it be an expression of free speech and protected by the First Amendment?


Karen12359 said...

I'm all for the homeowner on this one.
It's sad there has to be a law to enforce common sense and manners.
What's more offensive, this persons sign or a pile of steaming dog poo on his lawn?

Gus said...

For sure, the steaming piles on this poor guy's lawn. He takes beautiful care of his lawn. Too bad he has to put up a sign (like it'll do any good).