Friday, December 4, 2015

Sheriff indicted on 113 corruption charges

The Gibson County Sheriff's Office (Indiana) says on its Facebook page:

"The Gibson County Sheriff's Office would like everyone to be aware that there is a story circulating Facebook about the arrest of a former Sheriff and several of his deputies. This arrest was in Gibson County Tennessee (emphasis added) and NOT our department here in Indiana. Below you will find a quick blurb about the arrest.
Gibson County, TN – Chuck Arnold, the former Sheriff of Gibson County was recently indicted on 113 separate corruptions charges relating to his time as sheriff. However, after his arrest he was quickly released on a $10,000 bail, which is incredibly low when compared to the bail rates that are assigned to everyday nonviolent offenders.
Arnold was arrested with 11 other officers who were reportedly involved in his schemes."

Anyone else agree that the former sheriff's bail should be a lot higher than $10,000? I mean, 113 separate charges? Corruptions?

The good, ol' boy network must be alive and well in Gibson County, Tenn. Where is Trenton (the county seat), anyway?  It's northeast of Memphis and west of Nashville. Out in the boonies. Looks like somebody finally woke up.

Was there ever a detailed financial audit of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, as of November 30, 2014, when Nygren's reign ended? When any long-term official leaves office, there should be a certified audit. I mean, after all, just look at Dixon, Ill. and what happened there over a 20-year period!

Maybe everything was in place at MCSD and all accounted for. Were the snowmobiles and trailer returned from an out-of-county location? Was all evidence accounted for? Were financial accounts balanced and money secured? Were all credit cards returned? Were badges and uniform patches collected? Were all MCSD ID cards collected?

Did the County Board or the County Administrator ever get nosy and look closely? Did Sheriff Prim conduct an internal audit as soon as he took office?

Just askin'...

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