Friday, December 4, 2015

Jihad in San Bernardino

Why aren't the police and the media calling the massacre in San Bernardino what it was. Jihad.


Has anyone seen that word used to describe "why" the nuts in San Bernardino decided to shoot up a Christmas party?

Hello? Where will the Muslim jihadists find "non-believers"? At a Christmas party! Duh...

Police ought to be checking out everyone that nut prayed with at his mosque. To how many did he pass messages during "prayers"?

And to the idiot-in-chief in the White House ... it wasn't "workplace violence"! No one stockpiles bombs and thousands of rounds of ammo because he is p.o.'ed at somebody at work.

The big question is why the two nutcases were still in the vicinity so soon after the murders.

What could the White House or Washington or Sacramento (the capital) or anyone have done to prevent this?

In the absence of intelligence (a word not to be associated with California) about planning of a crime, there is little to be done before it starts.

Once it starts, there is a LOT to be done, if people are prepared. Like, shoot back!

Are you prepared? If jihad starts Sunday morning in your church or while you are in line for your kids to see Santa or just stopped behind a car with an "I Love Jesus" bumper sticker, are you ready to act? Will you pile out and defend those under attack?

Think about it? Do you carry a concealed firearm? Loaded? A round in the chamber? Everywhere you go? Have you thought through a plan of defense and assistance? It's a gunfight you do want to walk away from, so think about it ahead of time.

Now, clean your firearm. And go to the range and fire a couple of hundred rounds. Now clean your firearm again. Now re-load it. While you are there, loosen your ear protection and hear the sound of shots fired, so that you aren't surprised or shocked at how loud they are.

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Big Daddy said...

Am I prepared? Do I carry a firearm EVERYWHERE I go? Absolutely. And two extra mags to boot. I may not survive but I'm taking a few of them out with me.