Monday, December 7, 2015

"Is that all there is?"

Does anyone else agree with Donald Trump?

I watched the first part of Obama's pitch from the Oral Office, and I was sickened! My first thoughts were "What a namby-pamby jerk!" I could just imagine ISIS leaders have a good laugh halfway around the world, and holding their thumbs up to their noses and wiggling their fingers toward Washington.

Image result for image thumb to nose

All I could think was that it was the worst, sniveling response to anything I've ever seen. Obama lacks any personal power. I doubt he even believed the words he was reading.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see an analysis by a person who reads body language, gestures, eye movement and voice analysis? Obama is untrustworthy to lead this country.  With such a jerkwater response, Obama is inviting more attacks.

Here's how we prevent more attacks: Do what people in other countries do.

Be vigilant. Be suspicious. Be armed!

Must we be vigilant toward Muslims and Islamists? Look at the images from Detroit, where they are taking over parts of the city and where others now fear to tread. Well, Detroit is not their city. It is A city, public property, open to all.

And Sharia Law? If they want Sharia law, go back home. It's not going to happening here!

There is only one candidate in the entire presidential race with the backbone to stand up to terrorists and face down those who would destroy us. Certainly, not one of the Democratic candidates even comes close. Hillary has proven that she deserves to be booted from the race, but the Democrats don't really have anyone else.

Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate with the backbone and guts to lead this country and make it safe from terrorists. Ben Carson seems like a nice guy, but he lacks demonstrable leadership power. All the rest? Go back home.

Now, if Allan West would run, I'd have a hard time making a choice today between Trump and him.

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Big Daddy said...

I think that it should be either Trump or Cruz. A Trump/Cruz ticket to me would be a dream ticket.