Thursday, December 3, 2015

Flags lowered. Obama is Wrong, wrong, WRONG

I am as sickened as anyone about the senseless murders in San Bernardino. But Obama is absolutely WRONG to lower the Flag of the United States of America.

The Flag of the United States should fly HIGH all the time. Keeping it at the top of the staff is the biggest retort to radicals or anyone else acting in such a horrendous crime.

If I had a flag, I would refuse to lower it. I'd tell Obama to his face to stay away from my flag and my flagpole. And this is what states and cities and towns and villages and counties should be telling him.

I don't watch TV, so I have avoided any words he has uttered. Did he speak them from his heart or did he read them from the teleprompter?

Here's what Obama can do, if he wants to stop gun crime:

Eliminate gun-free zones.
Support a Federal law that allows concealed and open carry, effectively over-riding state and municipal laws on concealed and open carry and leaving it as the Bill of Rights is written.
What if half a dozen people in that building had been armed? The Injured and Killed numbers would be lower.

Allow military personnel to carry 24/7.

Allow me to carry on Federal property, including the Post Office. As it is, when I go to the V.A. Medical Center, I am effectively disarmed for the day, because I obey the Federal law that prohibits me from entering upon Federal property with a firearm. I can't even legally drive into the parking lot and lock my firearm in my car.

The only way these laws will change is when enough people lean hard on their elected representatives and demand that the laws be changed. The pressure must be relentless. The NRA can't do it alone. If the NRA organized its 4,000,000 members, every one of them, to call two U.S. Senators and one U.S. Representative next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, then they'd start to listen.

Mail and email to elected representatives is basically worthless. Email goes into "buckets", where it is only counted and very likely not read. Mail probably gets opened and sorted, and some staffer at the bottom of the ladder is told what to do with it.

If that weakling organization, I.S.R.A., did the same thing in Illinois, the votes would start changing. Getting a professional lobbyist would help. Like, maybe, somebody the politicians (mostly lawyers) would actually listen to. The present lobbyist carries too much bad baggage, going way back to when he was selling his own bumper stickers that read "Buck Flagojevich". Members finally made enough noise that he cut out that nonsense, but I remember them, and I'm sure all politicians (not just the Democrats) remember them.

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