Tuesday, December 15, 2015

CNN: San Bernardino - a "work event"

I could hardly believe the words chosen by two CNN reporters to describe the San Bernardino massacre. Are you ready? A "work event".

What kind of idiots do you suppose Evan Perez and Dana Ford are? Those are the reporters for the article published yesterday at http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/14/us/san-bernardino-shooting/index.html

If you don't want to click on the link, go to CNN.com and search for "work event". The headline is "San Bernardino shooter's social media posts on jihad were obscured".

It was a Christmas party! At the workplace of one of the shooters. No one in his right mind would consider it as workplace violence. Now, why would these reporters call the party a "work event"? Well, maybe they have to pay to work at CNN. Or maybe CNN won't let reporters use "Christmas" and "jihad" in the same article.

All of us should, of course, feel much more secure when we learn from an anonymous U.S. official that the U.S. is now (finally!) "reviewing the social media activity of visa applicants from certain countries." (Source: same article) When did they finally wake up???

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Big Daddy said...

Networks like CNN and MSDNC have an agenda and that agenda is NOT about reporting the news. It IS about furthering their leftist liberal agenda. I get a kick out of watching ALL of them,including FOX news try to do everything they can to derail Donald Trump in his quest for the Presidency. I find it amusing when they have a guest on that not only will not parrot their line of thinking but will actually try to shut them down. " we have to go to a break now" and then when they come back that guest is gone.The MSM is the scum of the earth IMNSHO.