Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Baseball bat = lethal weapon?

The nation will now go crazy over the shooting of a baseball-bat wielding man in Chicago. Says his father, his kid was 20 feet away from the cop.

Is a baseball bat a deadly weapon? Will all the baseball bats in the U.S.A. now be collected and burned or melted down?

That the father called the Chicago Police for help, is a key statement. When the kid banged on the father's bedroom door with the bat, the father was worried; he didn't want to be hurt; that's why he didn't open the door.

I'm sure the father is hurting. But is he willing for the responding cop to be hurt? I wonder. The father is all dressed up for the photo opp, and his lawyer, Bill Foutris, must already be thumping his chest and licking his chops over the wrongful death lawsuit that has already been filed.

The 19-year-old son didn't have mental problems, according to his mother. But the father told CNN that his son "...had been prescribed medication for emotional problems." It can't be both ways, folks.

Rahm Emanuel is already throwing the officer under the bus. He should keep his trap shut. How much and how quickly will the City of Chicago pay off?

The story included "Then, (the father) said, police held him for questioning for hours after the shooting, not telling him whether his son, an engineering student at Northern Illinois University, had lived or died."

This reminded me of a case in 2011, when the McHenry County Sheriff's deputies/detectives separated parents, who resided down the street from the crime scene, and grilled them for hours before telling them that their son had died hours earlier. They treated the parents like suspects, and the detectives skated away on their bad form without criticism by Nygren or Zinke.

The Chicago kid's life was not "snuffed out", as the father alleges. He is blaming his kid's death on an "inexperienced" officer. Well, cops don't get to choose the calls they go on. They must be ready, from their first day on the street, to confront crime and violence and the threat of physical harm or death. 


Big Daddy said...

First of all this kid was not raised by his Mom or Dad, he was a foster child raised by someone else. His father called the Police stating that he was in fear of his life because his son was attacking him with a baseball bat. He was on medication for mental illness but his mother told him not to take his med's. He had been arrested several times by the NIU and DeKalb POlice for theft,drugs and resisting arrest. These FACTS are slowly being discarded by the MSM as they continue their war on the Chicago Police. As far as him or his family being detained by the Police, he was brought into the Area North Detective Division as a witness that's all. He was not detained. As far as the Officer that shot the kid, he had five years on. There is a saying in the Chicago Police that you are not a "real" policeman until you hit the five year mark. That applies to normal places. In places like 003,004,005,006,007,009,010,011,015 and 025 ( Police Districts), you can reduce that number to about 5 months. They are so bad that not only will most people have no idea what goes in places like this, most suburban coppers have no idea either. There is nothing like them anywhere else except in places like Harvey,Park Forest Chicago Heights, etc. For an accurate portrayal of what those places are like, watch the movie Black Hawk down but subtract the helicopters and RPG's although Jeff Fort once paid an undercover agent to attack 011 with a couple of RPG's.
It was unfortunate that the older woman was killed. No one wanted to see that. But everything that happened that night can be laid at the doorstep of the parents for not properly raising their child and not advising the Police when they called that he was menatlly ill if he was. All they said was that they feared for their lives because of HIS behavior.

Gus said...

Thanks for the additional information that is being left out of the news.

Gus said...

A reader sent me this by direct email: "Gus, Google the "21 foot rule." I know it is predominantly for edged weapons, but it applies to any hand held weapon, even a baseball bat. Not justifying the shooting, but maybe you could lower the distance if your weapon is already drawn, which it should have been if a bat was displayed. Cops are on edge nowadays, especially in an already trigger happy city. Rahm needs to go."

Gus said...

Rahm Emanuel will be the direct cause of an increase in Chicago Police officer deaths, when he pussy-foots around the events that cause police shootings. If civilians did not challenge cops with guns, clubs, edged weapons, automobiles, etc., then they wouldn't get shot.
He needs the black vote in Chicago, if he is going to survive future elections in Chicago. Rahm lacks the backbone to stand up and talk straight to the People of Chicago.

Big Daddy said...

Gus, I don't automatically condone all Police shootings. I think the McDonald shooting was a bad one as an example. But in every single one of the most recent OIS there is a common denominator. People either committing crimes or refusing to obey lawful police orders.

Big Daddy said...

One more thing as far as a bat being a lethal weapon. Google Brenda Sexton. I'd like to arrange a meeting between the two of you but I can't. Why you ask? Because she's dead. Beaten to death with a baseball bat. Or how about Natasha Macfarland? I would but she has a hard time talking or remembering her name. Why you ask? Because she was beaten nearly to death with a baseball bat. I could go on. But you get the point.

Big Daddy said...

Almost forgot. Happy New Year Gus.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, happy new year to you.