Thursday, December 17, 2015

Introducing Mayor Obama

Will the heat get so hot that Rahm will have to bail out? Not likely. Will those poor suckers in Chicago endure him for 3½ more years?

Or will the interference with the FOIA request for the Laquan McDonald videos (by whomever) prove to be his undoing?

But when his term ends (May, 2019), will Barack Obama be looking for a job? Or maybe Michelle will.

Then, look out Illinois!!! Better make your reservation with United Van Lines now.

I'm glad I left in March 2014. It took a year to get over the chip on my shoulder about Illinois gun laws.

When I visited the first gun store in South Carolina, I asked how long I had to wait to take delivery. The salesman said, "About ten minutes." (Compare that with three days in Illinois for a handgun and one day for a long gun.) They made the requisite telephone check, processed my credit card, and I was out the door. Compare that with Illinois!!!

Voters could dump the current Democratic bloc if, in each District, they'd find a honest candidate and  (now that you're done laughing) vote out those who have glued themselves into their chairs. Start with Mike Madigan and then run down the list, starting with those who have been in office the longest. Get rid of the lawyers and the preachers.

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Gus said...

Big Daddy has left a new comment on your post "Introducing Mayor Obama":

Go to the 19th ward during election time. All you will see for miles are Mike Madigan signs. Think of those little signs people put on the edge of their lawns for Memorial Day. Same effect. The people in Chicago/Crook County will never learn.