Thursday, December 18, 2014

Who is responsible for bus stop shooting death?

The Chicago Tribune reports the death of Donatello Herrera, 35, early yesterday morning. Herrera was a Chicago worker at a Burger King near Ogden and Western Avenues. He was shot by a person in a dark-colored SUV,  about 1:15am, while he was waiting for a bus to ride home.

Who is responsible?

The Cook County Democratics, who made it unlawful to carry a concealed weapon on a bus, 'L' or train?
Father Michael Phleger, who continually rants about guns and wants them taken away from law-abiding citizens?
MOMS Demand Action, the group also on a tirade against guns?
The CTA?
The RTA?
The NRA and the ISRA for failing to knock some sense into the heads of those named just above?
The manufacturers of the gun and the ammo?
The manufacturer of the SUV?
The manufacturer of the dark-colored paint?

Guns in the hands of many law-abiding people on that corner might not have prevented the shots that killed Herrera. But, if 10-15-20 people had pulled out guns and started pumping lead into that dark-colored SUV after the shots were fired at Herrera, it wouldn't take long for word to get around Chicago that it was no longer safe to do drive-by shootings.

Who is responsible for Herrera's death?

YOU are. I am. (OK,  so I "was", because I lived in Illinois when the concealed carry law was being argued and passed.) - For failing to exert enough influence on the politicians to over-ride their insane desire to keep people from protecting themselves in many areas outside their homes in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois.

Now is the time to call or write them and/or visit their Chicago office. Law-abiding, licensed, armed citizens are not the problem.

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Big Daddy said...

The one responsible for the shooting is the guy that pulled the trigger. Anyone that normally carries but doesn't because of a ridiculous law is nuts. CARRY. EVERYWHERE!