Friday, December 5, 2014

Where was Nygren on Dec. 1?

Where was (now-former) Sheriff Keith Nygren on Monday, December 1, 2014?

Was he at 2200 N. Seminary to welcome Bill Prim as the new Sheriff of McHenry County? Was he there to walk Bill around the office and introduce him to employees, staff and deputies alike? Was he there to say, in person, how proud he was of the deputies and the Corrections staff and the office employees?

Was Nygren there to show Bill where the keys are and to escort him to get his building ID pass, keys, and find out who would re-assign the Tahoe to Bill?

Or had Nygren abandoned the ship, leaving the final dusting job to Andy Zinke?

And where was Andy that morning? Had he fled the ship, too?

They showed their true class (or lack thereof) on that morning.

Good luck to Sheriff Bill Prim.


Jim Jones said...

Zinke had retired Nov. 30th. Mr. Prim was sworn in and before the ink dried, started chopping. Good luck Sheriff Prim!

Gus said...

Jim, I'm waiting to find out if there might be a little more to the story about a "Nov. 30 resignation". It wasn't like his (elected) term of office ended, because Zinke was not an elected official. He was an employee.

Common business courtesy is to give at least two weeks' notice. If you are a supervisor or management, more notice is appropriate.

Giving notice and leaving quickly is sort of like giving the finger to Prim. It smacks of being a sore loser. On the other hand, maybe he just avoided being escorted out of the building on December 1.

I didn't think much of Prim's having Sedlock and Firman escorted out of the building on the morning of his first day in office, if that's what happened. Unless he fired them "for cause", it's a huge discourtesy to throw them out. It will cause many to wonder just where he is getting his advice. Did Salgado recommend or support their immediate dismissal? Based on what?

Jim Jones said...

Zinke was smart. His rank is actually a Lieutenant he resigned as the Under Sheriff. The difference in PAY made his choice a no brainier. Retire at Under Sheriff pay, or stay and return to Lt. pay,and then retire. The jail chief and asst. chief were led out just about an hour after Mr. Prim became the new Sheriff