Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another reason to carry

The assassination of two NYPD officers provides yet one more reason to "carry."

But be careful!

When the troops arrive, you don't want to be mistaken for a Bad Guy.

Think ahead... What would you do, if you saw a law-enforcement officer being shot at. You might be driving by and spot an exchange of gunfire on a highway shoulder. You don't want to pull over and end up in the line-of-fire.

Think about what you'll say; i.e., how you will announce yourself to the cop as an armed citizen who is coming to his aid.

Be ready to present yourself as NOT a threat when other officers respond. Remember to stay calm and keep your hands in sight. Don't hold keys or cellphone in your hand. Holster your firearm. Or, if you've got it trained on a suspect, listen to the cops' instructions and do exactly what they say, when they say it. Comply. Don't argue or explain. There will be plenty of time for that.

Can you fire at a fleeing shooter, assuming that the shooter is leaving the scene on foot or in a car? A cop can;  but can you - a civilian? Even if you observed someone shoot down a cop? You may want to find out in advance - "just in case."

If you have to use the police radio to call for help for the officer, know where you are. Describe yourself to the dispatcher, so you don't get shot when other officers arrive. And remember to take your fingers off the microphone switch. Breathe! Don't panic!

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