Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wash. deputy tries to justify MRAP

Did you read about the Spokane, Washington-area deputy who tried to justify the use of MRAP because of "constitutionalists"?

You do know what MRAP is; right? Mine Resistant Ambush Protected. These are military vehicles that are now in the hands of local law enforcement.

Against Constitutionalists? You mean, like you and me?

Recently, I spotted a "No Firearms" sign at the entrance to the V.A. Medical Center here in Columbia, S.C., and I got to wondering why I can't carry my firearm in my vehicle onto Government property. I mean, besides the sign... It's not like I'm going "postal", if I have to wait five minutes for an appointment. According to the sign, I can't even drive onto Government property with a firearm in my car. V.A. employees are left defenseless while commuting, because of this prohibition.

Across the country, states are giving lawful gun owners the right to carry firearms in their cars while commuting and to store them in their cars in company parking lots, even if the employer says, "Don't bring that thing in here."

But the Feds make a Federal criminal out of you, if they can catch you with a gun in your car in their parking lot. Even if it is in the trunk. Even if you don't take it into the building.

Same at the Post Office. If you are going to the Post Office to mail your Christmas packages, leave your gun at home. Go unarmed and unprotected to the Post Office. If someone starts shooting because the line is moving too slowly, just point to the sign that says, "No guns in here." Yeah, sure...

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Big Daddy said...

I'd like an MRAP to drive over some of these morons that are blocking the streets by playing dead.