Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hungry lawyers go after deep pocket

Instead of going after Adam Lanza's mother's estate, greedy lawyers representing Newtown victims' families are going after the manufacturer of the Bushmaster AR-15.

Think those lawyers are working for free - pro bono? Or are they looking for a big pay day, if they find the right liberal judge or jury?

Maybe while they are at it, they should find out what kind of shoes he was wearing. If Nikes, go after Nike. What kind of car did he drive to the school? Sue the car manufacturer and dealership that sold the car. After all, they "should have known" he would use it in a crime.

And what kind of gas was in the car? Shell? Sue Shell, too.

And what did Lanza have for breakfast? Wheatie's? Go after the cereal company. Oh, don't forget the farmer. And the company that manufacturer the combine that harvested the wheat.

Somebody ought to get busy and sue those lawyers and those families for a frivolous lawsuit!!!


Gus said...

A friend sent me this comment via e-mail:

"Is that insane or what?

"Here's one: If guns kill people, I guess that spoons make people fat, pencils misspell words and cars drive drunk."

Big Daddy said...

Our society, especially where I come from, does not want to hold the individual accountable. It's far easier and politically correct to hold the "object" accountable. I see this ALL the time. Take a look at the guy charged with the murder of that young man in Englewood for his coat for proof. He was already on probation for illegally walking around the streets of Chicago with a gun. That my friend is very, very common.
This suit will go nowhere. Bushmaster sold a legal product that was used illegally by another. It was the shooter, his parents and the "system" that are responsble for those murders, not Bushmaster. Besides, they are already protected by existing law.

Nick C said...

I once had a friend who had her leg severed by a boat which ran over her in the Fox River near my home. Her lawsuit included the Johnson Outboard motor company and the manufacturer of the propeller. Like it or not, this is the way our legal system works. You can whine about 'greedy lawyers' or 'the system' but justice is based on financial compensation in the US. Personally, I hope that the use of that weapon to slaughter those children is penalized by the awarding of money to the victims, and if you think that reasonable controls on the use of military-style weapons is out of bounds, then YOU are as responsible for those murders, and any future murders, as anyone.

Gus said...

The boat didn't run over your friend's leg by itself, just as the motor didn't make the boat run over your friend. Neither manufacturer (boat or motor) should have been responsible. The boat's OPERATOR was solely responsible, unless the equipment was defective in a way that caused the accident.
The civilian model of the AR-15 operates the same way as any other civilian firearm. You must pull the trigger to fire each round. Just because an AR-15 might look "mean and nasty" doesn't make it so.
Assigning blame to an inanimate object is an attempt to avoid personal responsibility. Lanza was the culprit. His mother apparently disregarded, or did not understand, the danger of allowing him access to firearms.