Monday, December 8, 2014

What if the U.S. had a REAL president? wound up its current online article about the violent protests throughout the U.S. with this:

"In his interview Monday, Obama suggested that people who aren't 'African-American or Latino' view the deaths of both Michael Ferguson (did Obama really say "Michael Ferguson" or was this the wording of a careless CNN reporter?) and Eric Garner as 'tragedies.'"

No, Mr. President, WE. DO. NOT.

Michael Brown was a criminal who died while attempting to assault and batter a police officer - again.

Eric Garner's death is an entirely different matter. The whole story isn't known yet.

But neither death should be the cause of what has been unleashed in this country.

I'll tell you what the "tragedy" is - that the U.S. is tolerating hooliganism, violence, looting, burning, UN-peaceful protests.

A peaceful protest would be one when I could walk down a street where a protest is occurring and not be in fear for my life or my health or my property.

You, Mr. President, are encouraging the violent protestors by your wimpy, namby-pamby responses and comments. Of course you are safe there in the White House, surrounded by security and the Secret Service.

The People - white, black, brown, red, yellow - do not enjoy your level of security and safety.

The violent protests had better be stopped soon by law enforcement.

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Big Daddy said...

Actually Gus, the story on Gardners death is in. He wasn't choked to death, he died an hour later of a heart attack in the hospital. The technique used by the Officer to take him down was not a choke hold merely a headlock. But the bottom line is he resisted arrest. Had he not done so he would still be here. Gardner caused his own death, no one else did. Next case?