Sunday, December 14, 2014

Where did Zinke land?

On December 1 the Northwest Herald reported that Andy Zinke had resigned as Undersheriff. That's the last time Zinke's name was in the paper.

Was it a good idea for him to clear out before Bill Prim was sworn in as Sheriff? He must have seen the handwriting on the wall and probably wanted to avoid the embarrassment of being escorted out of the building on Monday morning, as were the Jail Chief and Jail Deputy Chief.

In a timely response to a FOIA request, the McHenry County Sheriff's Department responded to my request for a copy of any inventory sheet showing official MCSD equipment and/or vehicle turned in by Zinke?
Their answer? "we have no document responsive to your request." Get that? No accounting of things like weapons, assault rifles, ammo, badges, patches, jackets, body armor, other equipment.

MCSD did provide a copy of Zinke's November 30th, 10:47am email to various MCSD department heads. He bragged that he had accepted "an awesome leadership position at another law enforcement agency on 11/25/14." Where did Zinke land? Does anyone know?

In his November 30th email Zinke asked that his "access cards" to the building be turned off effective 12/1, wrote that his portable radios and phone were in his office, ID and badges in Cynthia's office, and uniforms and equipment were in the sheriff's garage.

Now, about the uniforms and equipment being "in the sheriff's garage." Did he mean where Nygren sometimes parked his Tahoe, inside the Government Center? Or did he mean at the sheriff's "garage" at the end of Russel Court?

Others report that Zinke parked his car in the sally port and dumped his equipment on the ground by the vehicle. Various municipal police departments were delayed in delivering prisoners to the jail because of that equipment loose in the sally port.

By his 10:47AM email on Sunday, November 30, Zinke put Commander John Miller in charge of overall operations.

Let's see how McHenry County was protected, as the day approached when Bill Prim was to take over. Nygren was nowhere in sight; Zinke walked off the job. Miller was "in charge of overall operations." Guess it's a good thing there wasn't a major crime or jail break or jail death.

So much for any professional "style" to transferring the Department from the old to the new.


Gus said...

Thanks to a reader, I've been informed that Zinke will be going to work for the Cook County Sheriff's Department.

Big Daddy said...

Perfect. He will fit right in. You think McHenry County HAD problems, take a look at Cook. Don't be fooled by that tussled hair Harry Potter look alike, wannabe in Crook County. The one that has ear of fhe newsmedia and is always on television. He is so inept that he makes Nyren and Zinke look like the premier law enforcement officers of the nation. He will do well there.

Gus said...

The guessing game continues. Zinke has not been offered a position with the Cook County Sheriff's Office and, thus, cannot have accepted a position with CCSO.

The "awesome leadership position" that he accepted on November 25 is not with the CCSO. So where IS Zinke going to be an employee?

Big Daddy said...

I didn't think he would be. He's probably a republican and that's a no no in Crook County.