Saturday, December 20, 2014

Student kicked out for rifle cartridge

Grade schooler Cameron Carlson, of Chanute, Kansas, took a spent rifle cartridge to school (Chanute (Kansas) Elementary School) on the day after rifle practice with his mom to sight in their deer rifle. Read about it in their local newspaper.

The principal got on his high horse and kicked Cameron out of school for five days. When the mother attempted to intervene, the ante almost got bumped up to the 186-day max.

Now, somebody tell me - what is dangerous about a spent casing? No hot primer. No powder. No bullet.

What have we got here? A failure in communication. A bully. A man who is stupid and sets a poor example for students, parents, administrators, teachers and the community.

If you want to add your 2¢ worth, write to
Gary Wheeler, Principal
Chanute Elementary School
500 Osa Martin Blvd.
Chanute, KS 66720
Phone 620/432-2530
Email: try (or send to Wheeler, c/o

Visit the Facebook page of Cameron's mother, Deana Leigh Carlson, and show your support. She writes on her Facebook page that her family has received "violent threats" for standing up in this case.

We must stop the bullying by school administrators in all schools.

The problem with suspension is that it occurs immediately, before the student has a chance to appeal to the School Board (not that it would necessarily be fair, either). Due Process is violated. If the School Board over-rules the Principal, the suspension has already been served and the damage to the student has already been done.

It's time for parents to insist on Firearms safety courses in schools - as early as grade school. Stop the hysteria about guns. Teach safety and respect.

What should be done to Principal Wheeler? Give him a five-day suspension. Better yet - fire him.

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