Monday, June 6, 2011

K. Smith bond reduced to $15,000

I didn't bother to go to the courthouse today at 9:00AM for Kimberly (Holian) Smith's bond hearing. It's probably good that I didn't. I'd hate to get ejected from a courtroom for reacting to Judge Condon's decision to reduce her bond from $50,000 to $15,000.

Oh, my, she had a cast on one arm and told the judge she is two months pregnant. Sob, sob, sob...

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this whole story about what happened on Saturday night, May 29, at 4320 Doty Road, just outside Woodstock City Limits?

According to the Northwest Herald, Special Public Defender Colin MacMeekin made a pitch for lower bond, because Smith hasn't been charged with homicide. Well, I ask "Why not?"

If a getaway driver can go to jail for life because a robber inside a store shoots and kills someone, then why isn't a wife who is alleging selling sex for $40 at risk for prison, if her husband kills someone during commission of a crime.

If a crime was occurring. If her husband killed Kurt Milliman. If, if, if...

Kimberly Smith's next court date is June 16, 9:00AM. The prosecutors were worried that she might be a flight risk, because she has missed court dates in the past. If she is bailed out before then, will she be in court on June 16?

Timothy Smith's next court date is June 24, 9:00AM.

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