Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Send 118 to jail with Rod?

Well, it looks like ex-Gov. Ram Rod will be using a new cell shortly, and I don't mean cell phone. Will he tip his new barber? Will his $10,000 worth of suits go on the auction block? What size are they? Who would want to wear them, anyway? Peddle 'em on Maxwell Street.

Should Rod take 118 "friends" with him to the Big House?

What's it called when an employer agrees to provide health insurance for his employees, lets the policy lapse, and doesn't tell his employees?

What's it called when that employer withholds money from employees' pay for their share of group health insurance premiums and lets the policy lapse, but keeps withholding the money?

What's it called with an employer withholds payroll taxes (Social security and Medicare contributions) from employees' pay but doesn't remit the taxes to IRS?

OK, here's one for you.

What's it called when the State of Illinois collects money from income tax filers who checked off designation of funds for charitable use and then doesn't pay the money over to the charities?

That's just what is happening in Illinois to $1,170,000 that was headed to charities. According to an Associated Press article on June 27, "Lawmakers signed off on the plan to help deal with a multibillion-dollar state budget deficit."

That's our General Assembly at work for you, folks.

Will the State repay the money in a few months? OK, start laughing now... The money has to be "returned" within 18 months, with interest, said Kelly Kraft, of the Illinois Office of Management and Budget. What if the charity is out of business by then?

The General Assembly has stolen the money from charities. Who thought up that scheme? Pack 'em up and ship them off to Joliet or Dixon (or, better yet, farther away) with Rod.

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