Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crime Stoppers offers $1,000 reward

While looking for the press release on the sheriff's website pertaining to the crash of the MCSD patrol vehicles on June 8, I did find a press release about a $1,000 reward offered by Crime Stoppers for McHenry County.

An unspecified amount of Azek-brand decking material was stolen from Woolf Distributing, 8550 Ridgefield Road, unincorporated McHenry County near Crystal Lake. The press release less-accurately reports the area as "unincorporated Crystal Lake." Well, "there ain't no such place", as my dad used to say. A building is either in Crystal Lake or it's not.

The press release bears the signature of Sheriff Keith Nygren. Well, not really. The undersheriff has been practicing Keith's signature, but now he correctly (and legally) places his initials "AZ" when he signs Keith's name.

Wouldn't you think that the Undersheriff would have the authority to issue such a bland press release over his own signature?

Where was the Sheriff on June 10th? Back in Minocqua? How many days of vacation is Nygren going to take before June 30th??? He came into town for the Feldkamp photo op, which could have been handled by Zinke, but he didn't bother himself to come back for the Milliman shooting, which would be an active murder investigation. Did he fly back? At whose expense?

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