Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fast and Furious

No, not the movie. Not I or II or III. Like I said, not the movie. How about Operation Fast and Furious - gun-running scheme by the US's own BATFE - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives?

In Arizona the BATFE ordered law-abiding gun stores to sell guns illegally, knowing they would end up in Mexico. You can read all about it at Now they are running scared, knowing that a Congressional committee is nosing around. And see today's article at

Next time you are curious - and know where your FOID card is - go to your neighborhood gun store and ask about buying a gun. If you don't feel like a criminal when you walk in, you might feel like one when you walk out. Think you can just plunk down your dollars and walk out with the handgun of your choice? Ask the dealer.

Wisconsin might be close to allowing concealed carry; that State already allows open-carry. Can't wait to stroll into Culver's in Madison for a Butterburger™ and see how they react to the gun on my hip. Probably no reaction at all.

Just imagine heading over to the Woodstock Culver's, armed. Of course, you'll have to imagine it (only).

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Gus said...

Here's a comment from a reader:

"I love it when a Government plan backfires. The ATF "talks" 5 gun stores into selling 1800 guns to '15 straw buyers' so they can track them to Mexico, and then these guns were used in 250 shootings.

"Meanwhile back in the USA - Hillary (Clinton) and Eric Holder are trying to use the Mexico killings and gun trafficking as an example why we should outlaw guns.

"They should be held responsible for all deaths caused by these guns."