Friday, June 24, 2011

Gov't Take-over of Private Industry?

Don't miss the big 1/2-page ad on Page 8A of today's Northwest Herald. by the Illinois Electronic Security Association. Dig into that bag; get out the paper; unwrap the fish and read the ad!

Should "gummit" interfere with the private and free-enterprise system? If adequate, even excellent, services are provided to the public by private companies, should government set up operations to compete with them?

The first lines read, "The private-alarm industry is being replaced by local governments in McHenry County.

"The City of McHenry, like Woodstock, Crystal Lake and Algonquin, contracted to purchase alarm-monitoring equipment that duplicates existing private-sector infrastructure.

"These communities then passed ordinances that stripped away the free-market choice of business owners by requiring that fire-alarm systems must be monitored by each community's government monitoring station."

Read the information in key sections, such as "The Problem with Monopolies"; "Questions McHenry County Residents Should Ask..."; "Fundamental Errors in Judgment"; and "What the Business Community Is Saying".

For more information, visit or call 630.305.8800

In case you missed the ad, you can see it here;

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