Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whose parks are they, anyway?

Woodstock property owners pay huge real estate property taxes, and some of those dollars go to the Park District. Parks are public property, and the public should be entitled to use them - all of them.

On various fields at Emricson Park large signs warn the public to stay off. I wonder what would happen if some boys (or girls) showed up for an informal game of baseball or soccer.
First of all, they would have to scale the fence (notice that the gate is chained shut and locked) or bust the lock. It is probably not a good idea to break off the lock, as that damage could lead to charges of felony damage to government-supported property, if the P.D. wanted to make someone's life miserable.
If you are in a league that pays its fees to the City, then you get to play on the locked fields, whether or not you live in Woodstock.
These parks are paid by and maintained, for the most part, by residents' taxes. For those who don't understand economics, renters do pay taxes, which are part of the rent collected by a landlord.
Shouldn't park areas be open to all residents?

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ace said...

There is a reason some of these fields are locked. Remember what that soccer field by South St. used to look like? Some ethnic minorities destroy them if they are left open. If the fields are going to be used as much as they were before and become an eye soar, I say make them pay a fee so it doesn't come out of my pocket to maintain them. Besides, there are plenty of open fields around town, you should know ;)