Thursday, June 4, 2009

Viking Dodge, Inc. - NGS

I was thinking more this morning about just how Wayne Beto can collect his $131.00 from Jim Samaras and Viking Dodge, Inc., and I was curious about who the Registered Agent is for Viking Dodge, Inc.

Surprise! The status of the business entity of Viking Dodge, Inc., is NGS - Not Good Standing.

What does this mean to the public? Well, you might call the Illinois Secretary of State or your lawyer, if you have any dealings with Viking Dodge, Inc.

The 2009 Annual Report was due to be filed before May 1, 2009, and the Secretary of State has not processed it. Had they mailed the Report and the fee in on time, the cost would have been only $100.00.

Does this mean they didn't file it or that there was some reason why the SOS didn't accept it?

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