Tuesday, June 23, 2009

C.L. Park District buy on hold?

Last night I received a call from a man who has taken an intense interest in the proposed purchase of the Viking Dodge property by the Crystal Lake Park District. He probably wouldn't have any interest in it at all, if Viking Dodge and its owner, James Samaria's, Jr. hadn't cost him $7,000 in legal fees over a two-year period before abandoning its lawsuit against him and then further compounded the insult by refusing to honor Judge Caldwell's January order to pay him $131.00, in reimbursement of his required Appearance Fee when the court case started.

What's that old saw about Hell has no fury like a woman scorned?

Probably by now, Mr. Samaras wishes he had forked over the $131.00 in January and also that his attorneys had recently been a little more polite, when Wayne Beto stopped by their offices to discuss Judge Caldwell's order pertaining to the $131.00.

Will Wayne get even a little satisfaction if he can do anything to torpedo the Park District stimulus payment to James Real Estate LLC for the Viking Dodge property? Yes, indeed.

A reasonable person has to wonder exactly why the Park District would consider paying $6,290,000 for 27 acres during these economic times.

Especially against a low appraisal of $5,550,000.
Or a market value of $3,420,000 (calculated from the newspaper article's statement that "The assessed value of a property is one-third of its market value.")

I have previously written here about the McHenry County Property Tax Bill of one parcel of Viking Dodge property. There is apparently some ground zoned agricultural that is part of the deal.

At any rate, what's the rush? It's not like there are other bidders for the property. Why doesn't the Park District sit back and wait? Its obligation is to buy land at the lowest possible price. Is there any other buyer on the horizon?

Wayne told me last night he had a hard time getting what he considered straight answers out of the Park District yesterday about when they would be making their decision. It sounded to Wayne like the Park District was going to do what it wanted to do, no matter what.

And then this morning's Northwest Herald tells a different story. Water table problems. Possible development problems related to intended use. It's time to slow down. Look what has happened with the ground where the baseball stadium is (was?) to be built in Woodstock! Rush, rush, rush. Now? Wait, wait, wait.

If you are a taxpayer and a voter in the Crystal Lake Park District, you'll want to call the Park District office and demand to know when the next meeting is. And then be there.

Will it be July 20? Will it be sooner?

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wayne sr said...

on june 18 th 2009 i attended the crystal lake park district meeting,after the board went into executive session, mr sammarass and his attorney walked right into a close door.after they walked in a third gentleman walked in to. after a few minutes the third gentleman walked out and i proceded to ask him if i could ask hima question. he sarcasticly said he would not answer any questions, i just wanted to know who he was.
after talking with the director i found out he was a consultant for the park district and was advising them on how much to pay for this site.i was also told by the director that myself and my sonn swore at him when he walked out of the meeting.again i was only there to get the truth anf honesty from our local government.