Saturday, June 27, 2009

Water Works - how clean?

Yesterday I was talking with a non-resident of Woodstock who expressed her disappointment in the operations of the Woodstock Water Works (WWW) and, specifically, with the cleanliness of surfaces of the pool deck and grounds inside the WWW. As a non-resident, last year she forked over $220 for swim passes for her family, and she felt a clean pool area shouldn't be outside her expectations.

One of her comments? "They don't enforce the rules."

Her main issues pertain to allowances made by pool staff to WWW users who buy food at the concession stand and then ignore the rules about where they are to consume the food or, more importantly, where they are not to.

There are designated areas for food consumption at the Woodstock Water Works. Presumably, these are good rules. They are created to keep food away from the pool and to confine food consumption to areas where spills and other messes can be cleaned up by pool staff, if they are left by users.

To what extent are rules at the WWW not enforced? Have you cautioned your children not to run on the pool deck, only to have them ask why others are allowed to run?

Have you seen kids (or adults) spill nachos and cheese and just walk away from the mess? Or overturn pop cans and ignore the sticky mess left on the ground or concrete? Come on, folks; "Oops" is not good enough.

How responsive has the pool staff been, when you have called attention to messes or to ignored rules?

If you have telephoned staff, have calls been promptly returned?


Ray said...

An item of far greater concern at teh WWW is the fact that there is still frequent peeping toms parking in the lot area back by the baby pool and lawn area. When is the woodstock police going to finally curb this unsightly mess?

Gus said...

Just throw some of those smelly diapers at them!

If a baby poops in the pool, what's the cost to drain and refill the pool? How closely do the staff and lifeguards monitor THAT?

Ray said...

Well that baby pool is closed constanly...of the two dozen times I took my two year old there last year it was closed at least 7 times. They close it down as soon as they see a chlid poop in there or their monitoring indicates that there is an issue. They check a sample of the baby pool water every hour. The issue is that parents do not monitor their children often enough...and honestly some ethnic minorities let their children swim in that pool with out swim diapers. It is a problem...I have to tell the lifeguards everytime I see it...only then does the rule get enforced. However...all in all I love the pool...and I still take my son there are hopefully will for years to come. It really all comes down to individuals being responsible and watchful of what is going on in their can not rely on someone else to look after your best intrest...even if that is their job.