Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

So Michael Jackson died yesterday. So what?

Can you believe all the media hype? The airwaves are chock full of Michael.

But I'm the guy who sees a movie and doesn't even care who the actors are. Or hears a song and doesn't care who the singer is or, often, even what the words are; that's assuming the words can be understood.

I wish I still had the old Thriller 8-track that I wore out on a drive from Denver to Santa Rosa (and back) in 1983. Even then I wondered "Who is Michael Jackson?"

Now that was a trip. Blasting across Utah and Nevada in a 1973 'vette, enjoying the wind in my hair (yes, I had a little more hair then).

I still remember one section of road in Nevada. Arrow-straight, 70MPH. A pick-up sailed past me, loaded with guys in the back. Field workers, probably. Before they were out-of-sight, one guy's cap blew off. I could see him pounding on the cab of the truck, but the driver didn't stop.

I stopped and picked up his old cap out of the road and then took off after them. I caught up and, as I passed, I waved with his cap. Then I pulled over in front of them and slowed a little, waving them around. You can see "forever" there and no cars were approaching for miles.

As they pulled alongside, I handed his cap back, and his smile and friendly wave of thanks have stuck with me for 25 years.

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Anonymous said...

And YOU are supposed to be safety-minded??? Your excuse of "seeing forever" and "no cars for miles" does not give you the excuse for your lack of judgement... judgement you have no trouble passing on today to those you deem as traffic/parking violators. I am expecting you to turn yourself in to Sheriff Nygren and receive 50lashes with a wet noodle! Punk. LOL
As far as Jacko is concerned, his music was great, but was a freak in his personal life. Very typical of people who are actually real "genuises". If he really was a child-molester, well his new "home" is allot hotter than his Pepsi commercial... DOH!