Friday, March 21, 2008

Who, me? Carry a Gun?

Last week I emailed the sheriffs of McHenry, Lake, Boone and Winnebago Counties to ask where they stood on the Family and Personal Protection Act. The sheriff’s office of Winnebago County was kind enough to reply to me.

HB 1304 is a slightly different, and preferred, version of the Family and Personal Protection Act, because it puts the authority to issue in the hands of the State Police, not at the level of the County Sheriff. This would make a more uniform evaluation of applications and issuance of permits.

I was asked recently why some people want the right to carry a concealed weapon. “Why would anyone want to carry a gun?” It’s simple. To protect myself. And I’ll also be willing to step forward and protect you.

I was in Jack Franks’ office this week and spoke with his legislative assistant, Jay. My question to Jay was, “Suppose someone came in here right now with a gun and intended to harm your staff or you. How long would it take the Woodstock Police to arrive, assuming someone could get to a phone?”

When criminals don’t know which civilians have guns, they are less likely to attempt crimes against persons. Yes, they might “stick up” a vending machine or try to steal an ATM. But they won’t stick a gun in your face, because they don’t know if 2-3-4 people nearby are armed.

Read the conditions of HB 1034 on or just click here:

Then call Rep. Jack Franks at 815.334.0063 and tell him that you want him to vote FOR it. It could save your life!

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what the woodstock nuisance meant to say said...

Good idea Phil. Then you can shoot sofas with a gun instead of a camera.