Monday, March 17, 2008

Free Lunch? No. Free Postage!

Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch? He was probably right, but until March 31 there is free postage. At least, for one letter. Go to and create your own card. It will be mailed to you (postpaid) for you to sign and send on (postpaid).

Today, so many people use e-mail. Even "I love you" is sent by e-mail. Whatever happened to all those love letters that got saved with the ribbons around them? What are we leaving to our kids? And do our kids even know about letter-writing?

Letter-writing is a dying art form. Help resuscitate it. Do it soon. You might wait a day or two, because the website is very busy today.


what the woodstock nuisance meant to say said...

Spelling is not too healthy either.

Gus said...

Thanks for the nudge on spelling!