Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jewel-Osco Parking Lot

What's wrong with the way this vehicle is parked? The white Chevrolet Equinox (license 876 8782) was parked for more than 20 minutes this morning in front of the Jewel-Osco store.
For starters, it's on the wrong side of the driveway, with the driver's door next to the curb.Then, of, course, it is parked in a crosswalk. And there is always that pesky Fire Lane no-parking sign mounted on the wall of the building.

Illegal? Not all, thanks to the City's inaction on completing a Vehicular Control Contract with the three property owners on that corner. The City tells me that it does not agree with me that there is a problem with traffic violations. Two of the three property owners want such a Contract, but apparently the City will not attempt to complete an agreement with the third property owner.
In a conversation with a store manager this morning, I was told that a woman was hit about a month ago by a driver who ran a stop sign in front of Jewel. The woman's screams could be heard several hundred feet away and inside stores.

When I checked with a manager of another store, I was told that the woman had slipped and fallen on ice and had cracked her head hard on the ice.

Traffic violations are prevalent on the "Jewel-Osco" property (which is actually three parcels of real estates with three different owners/managers), but they are not actually violations because there is no Vehicular Control Contract. Such a Contract would allow police officers to cite drivers upon their own observation and without a complaint from a store manager.

If you think the police should be authorized to write tickets on the "Jewel" property, please inform the City officials.


Anonymous said...

Check it out Frank. there are almost never an accident there. No women was ever hit so stop spreading lies just to make your point and try and make the city look bad. Geez.

gus the butt pirate (public enemy #1) said...

i bet the screams were heard in the store from you stalking her or maybe even molesting her. the slipping on the ice sounds like the truth but you just like to add to it to make everyone look bad. i guess you didnt like when the firetrucks were parked in the fire lane either when they were getting food? you know you are blocking the traffic flow when you sit there and take a picture. you should be written a ticket for impeding traffic but it looks like they cant enforce traffic laws there. why are you complaining, it works out for you.

Anonymous said...

That looks like snoozers car!!

Anonymous said...

Its not Snoozer's car - he drives a lime green VW - its my car and I'll have an Italian sausage placed on the front grill and a gun rack installed in the back window within the week. I usually park in this same spot when I go to Jewel. I usually spend about 45minutes walking around the store ... it takes that long to east a 1/2 pound of baloney from the deli section and drink a bottle of pomegranite juice before I leave. Its great - I never have to pay a dime for this stuff and the employees take one look (or maybe a sniff) at me and walk in the opposite direction. Sometimes I also try the deodorant when there's nobody looking! I think the women who screamed slipped on the ice when she Gus stalking customers in the parking lot ... the Jewel manager is probably trying to claim she was hit by a car in order to avoid a law suit. Robby M.