Monday, March 24, 2008

4,000 Dead. How Many Injured?

How much longer will the USA tolerate the growing death count in Iraq?

As we pass the 4,000 mark, it’s important to notice how little mention is made of the 30,000 injured military personnel. Last week a friend commented that the death toll is “only 4,000” because of advances in medical care. We are able to keep alive many who have been horribly injured and mutilated; i.e., medical care kept them from dying.

But the quality of life they will enjoy? Will they ever recover?

It disgusts me to listen to the tripe spewed by President George Bush. His words are empty. Already he is hedging in his statements, referring to “as long as I am President.” Well, George, there are 302 days to Inauguration Day 2009 until you are no longer President!

Remember the Year 2000 Countdown Clocks. We need one of those counting down the time to January 20, 2009!

The man just does not “get” it. The bombings and artillery attacks will continue, no matter how many troops we have on the ground there. Remember that “Mission Accomplished” fiasco? That was May 1, 2003. In about five weeks, that date will be five years ago!

On NPR I heard today an estimate that 90,000 Iraqi civilians have died in the five years of the war in Iraq. Thanks, George. Is it any wonder we are hated in Iraq?


gus the butt pirate (public enemy #1) said...

How long will we have to hear you bitch about everything gus? Sure, its sucks that 4,000 troops have died, but thats war. Ask some of the troops that come back from Iraq, they will tell you that they are proud for serving. And the wounded, they learn to cope with their disability and move on. Sure its a new way of life for them but they don't regret what they fought for. The liberal media that you like to read, watch, and listen to is only concentrating on the U.S. death toll and occasionally the Iraqi civilian death toll. Why?, because they are liberal and they don't like Bush because he is a republican and Gore did not win the election. Why does the media never mention how many dirka dirkas have been killed due to the troop presence? I'll assure you its far more than 10,000. Do you think the bombing and attacks will stop with a withdrawal of the troops? A withdrawal proposed by Obama or Clinton would be disastrous. It would be like cutting open a healing wound. All of the progress will be for nothing, and for what, some people who become politicians after watching the evening news? A withdrawal will just bring the fight back to our soil.

You disgust me Gus. Spread your biased views on the war. Think for yourself and not others want you to believe. Is it any wonder you are hated in Woodstock?

what the woodstock nuisance meant to say said...

You should stick to "spewing tripe" about your mangled views of the vehicle code. Better to keep silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln I think, not me.

Gus said...

If you wonder about public opinion of the war in Iraq, go to and examine the high percentage of Americans AGAINST the war. We've gotten ourselves into another Vietnam situation, where we cannot win because we are fighting the war "our" way. Bush & Co. are bankrupting the U.S. and mortgaging the lives and prosperity of our children and grandchildren for decades. If the cost of the war in Iraq were assessed to the people of the U.S. today, instead of being deferred, what would be your opinion? If your Federal income taxes were tripled TODAY to pay for this war, would you willingly pay it?

gus the butt pirate (public enemy #1) said...

If you knew anything about how this country is ran and not by just watching the news, the president does not declare war, its your elected officials in congress (ex. Hillary Clinton) whom voted for the war. So think twice when you want to vote democratic if she wins the party. So she made a "mistake", and not too long ago she made another mistake saying she went into sniper fire in Bosnia when the video shows no hostility. Nothing but a liar trying to win the vote. She already ran the country once when Bill was President, and how jobs were lost during that regime? (NAFTA?)

frank the butt pirate (public enemy #1) said...

how about we examine the high percentage of people that hate you?

what the woodstock nuisance meant to say said...

Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Stick with that vehicle code or reasonable facsimile thereof.

Gus said...

What lies? Statistics don't lie. Liars lie.

frank the butt pirate (public enemy #1) said...

you lie frank, you lie.