Friday, March 21, 2008

Treffly Coyne Sues Crestwood

The Chicago Tribune reports a lawsuit by the mother who was arrested in Crestwood for leaving her sleeping daughter in her locked car, while she walked 30 feet to watch her other daughter and a friend donate money to a Salvation Army kettle. Remember that story?

And remember that the case was kicked out of court recently, when the prosecutors said they didn’t have enough evidence to, in effect, win?

Search on Google for their attorney, Blake Horwitz, and see some of the other cases he has handled. He has a class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago on its handheld cellphone law. Seems the City “forgot” to put up the signs required by its law.

It is preposterous for the City of Crestwood and its police department to dig in its heels and refuse to admit its mistake. Their stupidity and bullheadedness will not only further embarrass them, but it is going to cost them a bundle to defend themselves and, ultimately, to pay off.

The basis for her lawsuit? False arrest and malicious prosecution.

Several years ago a driver in Woodstock was hit at the light by Wendy’s, when a Woodstock police car was running “hot” and blew through a red light. When I talked to him and asked if the officer had gotten a ticket, he asked, “Can police officers get tickets?

His lawsuit took three years. After it was over and he had won, he told me that, if the Woodstock Police Department (this was before Chief Lowen) had just apologized and fixed his car, he would not have sued. But the City dug in its heels. And they lost.

I predict the same outcome in Crestwood. Dumb, just dumb.

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gus the butt pirate (public enemy #1) said...

How did the city do at plowing the streets? I can't go on until I know they got your approval because it means so much to me.