Saturday, November 17, 2007

Leaves in Gutters Again

Was it really only three months ago that Woodstock experienced the worst flooding in many years, perhaps ever?

And remember all the haranguing then to keep the curbs and gutters clear?

According to the City of Woodstock, leaves are not to be raked into the street. So why, all over town, are leaves raked into gutters and streets?

Should the Leaf Police be out issuing tickets? Should the City issue warnings? Should the City publicize the risks and expense, when gutters and drains fill with leaves and then cannot handle strong water flows?

The City could very easily mail a notice to all residents in September on the reverse side of the water bills: “Don’t rake leaves into the street.” No extra postage. No extra printing cost. No extra addressing. Why not?

And in other months the reverse side of the water bill could provide other advice. Shovel your walks clear of snow (even though there is no law about this). Don’t park your cars across sidewalks. Don’t park overnight on streets. Don’t park cars on your front lawn. Do this. Don’t do that.

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Anonymous said...

Leaf police? Only in gusville and maybe widoffstock.