Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dick Tracy Statue - $250,000 - WOW!

Wasn't there an article just 2-3 months about the dire financial condition of the Dick Tracy Museum? And about how, if the town didn't ante up with some bucks, the Museum might have to close?

And now they are going to raise $250,000 for an 8' statue to stand guard over the front walk to the Museum?

I wonder just how popular Dick Tracy is these days. Can you just hear the kids exclaiming over a new Dick Tracy two-way wrist watch? Well, when I was a kid, it was thought to be pretty neat.

Now? Kids' comments are likely to be about their new cell phone-camera-text-messaging-GPS locating-clock-alarm-calender-calculator, music downloads, TV reception, movies, books and everything else they get into the grubby little handheld device.

Remembering a cartoon that lasted a long time is great. But what will $250,000 in a hunk of metal really do for the Museum or the town?

But what the heck? If people want to donate their money for it, why not? It's their money, and they can do with it whatever they wish.

Let's keep a sharp eye on the City Council, though, if and when the Museum shows up with its hands out for $50,-100,000 to start or finish the project. The project needs to be totally privately funded. No money from the public trough, please.

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