Saturday, November 3, 2007

$500,000 Waste

I was sitting here this afternoon, thinking about how hot and bothered people (and the newspaper) have been about the expense of candy tossed out during parades by the State's Attorney's Office.

Then I got to thinking about Gov. Blagojevich and his refusal to move to the State Capitol after he was elected. And why the politicians of this State haven't figured out a way to force him to move. No one seems to be paying much attention to the tremendous cost of his "commuting" to Springfield. Not only the state plane ride, but the car to the airport, the security, the duplicated expenses of a Chicago office, all because he refuses to move his wife and his little kiddies to the seat of government for the state.

Or maybe he is in the seat of government. Why would anyone think it's Springfield, just because there is a star at Springfield on every map of Illinois. Maybe Daleyville is really the seat of government in Illinois.

And this got me thinking about those $15,000 signs over the Open Road Tolling lanes on the Illinois Tollway. Do you remember how much each (EACH!) sign cost? $15,000.

We need a law in this state that a politician's name does not go on any government property! And why should it? It's not the personal property of the politician. The property belongs to the People!

Of course, this would mean that Sheriff Nygren couldn't advertise his office on all the McHenry County patrol cars. How many votes would that cost him at the next election?

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