Friday, November 2, 2007

Early-Bird Shopping

Did you see the big ad in today's Northwest Herald for tomorrow's Super Saturday sale? I'm not touting Kohl's, although it's a good store, but how in the world do you get employees to show up for work early enough for a 6:00AM opening? Does that mean getting to work at 5:30AM?

Stores must be desperate for the consumers' dollars. The ad says, if you show up between 6:00AM-1:00PM, you get great deals. Even if you show up online during those hours.

OK, so how DO you get employees there for a 6:00AM bell? Is it a "You'll be here or else" situation? Do they pay employees additional compensation (more pay? time off? extra percentage off own purchases)?

Aren't stores open long enough hours already?

And how about the stores that had Christmas sections open BEFORE Halloween? All they do is remind me to write to my relatives with my annual Christmas Wish List. For the past ten years I have asked relatives NOT to send me gifts, just in case they were thinking about it. I suggest that they donate to their favorite charities any money that they might be thinking about spending on a gift and shipping expense for me. I have absolutely everything I need or want.

If my relatives don't have a favorite charity, I do offer suggestions, such as the Salvation Army.

By the way, the Salvation Army can use bellringers in Woodstock (and in every town). If you are in McHenry County, Illinois, as you read this, call (815) 455-2769 today and pick your time and spot. This year I'm going to try to pick a warm day...


what the ?@$! is going on? said...

I KNOW - it's like every year the stores are earlier and earlier with displaying the holiday items. Personally, I like to enjoy ONE holiday at a time. I'm sorry, but I don't need to see X-mas stuff the first week of October! I bet the stores are getting ready to put out Valentine's Day stuff already... it's crazy! Here's an idea: assign one or two aisles to EACH holiday and leave the items up all year round. The employees don't have to bother taking it down, putting it back up, taking it down, and so on... As far as the employees that have to get up a ridiculous hour for the "early specials" drink lots of coffee!!!

Anonymous said...

I was flipping through radio stations today and came across 93.9 (the lite) and they are already playing Christmas music!

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean holiday music?