Saturday, November 19, 2016

TWI on top of Woodstock PD story

The Woodstock Independent (TWI) is on top of the story of the week about the dismissal of a significant drug arrest in Woodstock. Check out this week's stories (that's plural) at

Woodstock is on the short end of the stick in a Federal law suit over this arrest, and a 18-year Woodstock cop has resigned.

One must ask why the Northwest Herald is asleep at the switch.

Seventeen pounds of marijuana was found in the trunk of Philip Williams' car.


Big Daddy said...

I wish that had gone to trial. I'd like to hear and see all the evidence.

Gus said...

The trial will be the money-maker (for the defendant and his attorneys) and the money-loser for the City of Woodstock. Yes, too bad the PD apparently blew it and the State's Attorney gave up without a fight.

Since the charges were nolle prossed, I wonder if a quick FOIA request would yield revealing documents that will vanish if the defendant is granted expungement.

You'd expect an investigative newspaper reporter would be all over this. Oh, right; I remember. There is no investigative newspaper reporter in McHenry County.

Big Daddy said...

Are there any real "investigative reporters " anywhere anymore Gus? I haven't seen one in ages. Anywhere.