Monday, November 21, 2016

Do five make a crowd?

Did you see this sign in the news last week? It advertises a gun store in Avondale, Pa.

From the news you'd have thought that thousands of protesters were complaining about it. A school crossing guard was interviewed, and a child's mother expresses anti-crime sentiments.

Do you know how many people complained?

Five. That's f-i-v-e. Only five...

How do I know this? I wrote to the gun store owner in support of the sign. He replied that five people, all members of one anti-gun group, were the complainers.

And we wonder whether the media is fair?

This is what we are fighting, folks...


Big Daddy said...

So did he cave to the protestors or man up and tell them it's staying?

Gus said...

Thanks for asking. The sign stays.

If I owned that shop (or any gun store), I'd figure out how to outfit a motorhome as a mobile classroom and head out to neighborhoods to offer free gun safety classes, especially for youth.

Big Daddy said...

Good, To quote our infamous former Governor, it's good to see someone with testicular fortitude.