Saturday, November 12, 2016

She gets it right.


And the reaction from the right is outrage.
Julie Ponzi, senior editor of the conservative Web site American Greatness, wrote this week:
"For these outbursts you can thank 50 years of piss-poor education in American civics, the devolution of our constitutional order in the face of a Progressive onslaught against its institutions, the hyperventilating, lying, unscrupulous press (and their willing accomplices in the NeverTrump right), and a handful of other factors I am probably forgetting right now but all contributing to this result: When significant numbers of people hysterically believe the country just elected Hitler, what do you expect?"
Maybe it's time for Trump supporters to gather in tens of thousands and take to the streets. Well, maybe not, because then there would be real violence - from the Left.

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