Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post-election riots

Where is the so-called fearless leader, the POTUS? Is he rubbing his hands in glee at the actions of the violent protesters? Is he on the phone with Hillary and happily chatting, "I told you this was going to happen"?

How many multi-millions of dollars of public monies did Michelle and Barack waste, racing around the country rallying the vote for Hillary?

Why isn't Obama on the liberal media requesting - no, demanding - that the protesters dial it back and remain civil and law-abiding in their protests? Why isn't he immediately threatening to send in the troops to assist local law enforcement in quelling the riots?

Because he is, at heart, a community organizer, not a leader.

Is he licking his wounds over having to eat crow over Hillary's losing the election?

Is he honestly committed to a smooth transition to the Trump presidency?

Seattle's mayor Ed Murray has already stated his commitment to the sanctuary claim of "his" city. Well, I wonder how he will like seeing Federal funds cut off? And how will he deal with his residents when they rise up against the City after they see their own taxes skyrocketing to replace lost Federal funds? Murray is a jerk.

If law-enforcement can't contain the post-election riots, will citizen militias spring up to protect life, health and property?

Why do I think that, had Clinton won, we Trump supporters would not be engaging in violent protest?


Big Daddy said...

They are protesting in the same cities Hillary won. Like Chicago. These spoiled babies, I mean protestors need to grow up and realize that Trump won fair and square. He didn't teal it. Did conservatives riot when Obama won? Of course not. But in any event, Hip,Hip Hooray! Trump won! I still can't believe it.

Big Daddy said...

I almost forgot. If these children don't get their act together, I can see a civil war coming.