Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Stupidity of some election laws

What's with all the stupid election laws?

You can't express your First Amendment rights and wear a shirt to the polling place, if the words "Basket of Deplorables" on it?

And you can't photograph your own ballot?

I'm generally a peaceful person, but somebody ought to line up the idiots who are making these laws and give them 50 lashes.

I'd donate to a GoFundMe account for Brett Mauthe of Bulverde, Texas. The wimp who is the Comal County election's coordinator may be the one who accused Mauthe of electioneering by wearing his shirt. Bulverde PD Chief Gary Haecker chickened out when asked for arrest details, deferring to the election's czar. Chief Haecker was absolutely wrong to flinch like that. He, as the PD chief, is the one with the arrest information!!!

The P.D. would have arrested Mauthe on someone's complaint (the election's czar?), and that person will have to appear in court and testify against Mauthe. A good defense attorney will beat that prosecution witness to a pulp with the First Amendment, but voting day will have passed.

Mauthe was willing to remove his Trump cap but not his shirt.

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