Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today is the Day

Today is Election Day. This may be the most important election day of our lifetimes.

I bought this button in Richmond, Va., in about 1995 and, unfortunately, misplaced it sometime after wearing it here in Columbia, S.C. about two years ago. I must say that it didn't get the same laugh (or respect) in South Carolina that it had gotten in Illinois.

I voted Absentee this year because I expected to be out-of-state today. I returned early and called the Election Office to ask if I should (or could) return my absentee ballot and vote in person.

Let's just hope I got the right advice over the phone, when a clerk told me that I "had" to vote absentee, since I had ordered a ballot. So I mailed my ballot at the downtown Post Office and crossed my fingers.

No matter which presidential candidate wins today, the caterwauling will start tonight.

I fear greatly for this country. I fear that the rabble and the sheep will blindly follow others off the cliff and vote foe Clinton. She will be a disaster as POTUS. The truth will come out about her emails, the Clinton Foundation donors, the Lolita Express, her Supreme Court nominations, her Muslim buddy Huma, and her health, Too many will vote for her, so that the U.S. will have its first female president. That is NO reason to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Call me a sexist, if you want to. But I would vote for a woman, if she were the best candidate. Just not that woman.

I don't like the way Trump talks about many things, but I like what he says he is for. Secure borders. Strong military. Bring jobs back to the USA. The Second Amendment. He did not build his business successes by being a pushover.

If you haven't voted yet, vote for Donald Trump.

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